Monday, May 30, 2011

FusionExcel New Quantum Power At Maybank Malaysian Golf Open 2011

At this year's Maybank Malaysian Golf Open two of Malaysia's young up and coming professional golfers wearing FE's Quantum Power managed to qualify to play in the event. This year's Malaysian Golf Open had its strongest field ever which include World Number 1 Ranking Martin Kaymer and 3 other Top World Ranking Players.

FE sponsored Malaysian players Hanafia Jamil and Azman Basharudin both qualified to play in the event. Azman is one of Malaysia's Top Amateur and qualified through his rankings and tournament wins. Asman says "The FE's Quantum Power gives me more stamina and better focus during a 5 hour round of golf!"

Hanafia meanwhile qualified by winning the qualifying tournament against a world class field of golfers from around the world. "I was worried going into the tournament and almost had to settle for a draw due to a nagging wrist injury. Just one day after wearing FE's Quantum Power the pain was gone and my confidence was back. Thank you FusionExcel for a great product!" said Hanafia

FusionExcel Welcomes VIP Quantum Pendant Wearer Robert Koltai, Award Winning Hungarian Comedian, Actor And Film Director

Robert Koltai is a very famous Hungarian Comedian, TV & Movie Actor, Film Screen Writer & Director, who has won numerous awards including the European Film Festival Special Prize Of The Jury, Artist of Merit, Chicago Film Festival Audience prize and many other Hungarian honors.

Robert Koltai has this to say of FusionExcel's Quantum Pendant:

"The most sensitive part of my body is the vocal cords. Being exposed to a lot of air-conditioning and having my clothes wet through sweating is not good for me. I get inflammation of the throat very quickly. When I put on FusionExcel's Quantum Pendant, the scraping sensations disappeared quickly. My vocal rehearsals for my work are very exhaustive. My friend recommended me to drink the Scalar Energized water from FusionExcel's Quantum Flask. After drinking the water from the Quantum Flask, I felt the difference quite immediately. The inflammation has "miraculously" disappeared! Since using FusionExcel's Quantum Science products, I noticed they have very positive effects on me. I am more energetic and am able to do more work than before. My new work requires a lot of energy, where I not only am an actor and director but I also have a major role in the behind the scene work as well. Thank you FusionExcel for your excellent products!"

Szilveszter 1994 - Koltai Róbert-Pogány Judit

Koltai Róbert - olasz bundabotrány

Saturday, May 28, 2011

FusionExcel Welcomes Quantum Pendant Wearer, French Soccer Super Star, Gregoire Akcelrod

Today, my FusionExcel website had a pleasant surprise visit by Soccer Super Star from France, Gregoire Akcelrod (Greg), one of France's most recognizable soccer star and model. Greg was presented with FE's Quantum Pendant back in 2008, he was so impressed with it and has been wanting to purchase more of it since then for his family & friends. Greg was glad that he found my website, he contacted me and we met up. We exchanged many amazing stories about the Quantum Pendant.

I shared with Greg more about FusionExcel company, it's history and successes whilst he filled me in on his very exciting lifestyle.That was when I learned that Greg was a multi-faceted individual, with many talents. Greg has played professionally in various top football clubs. He was the striker for clubs in Paris, France and Cardiff, Wales, before agreeing to move to North America. Through his achievement in the world of sport he is a role model for many young people. He is also a part-time model in many advertising campaigns and an actor back home in France.

Presidential Director Patrick Kua with Gregoire Akcelro

Gregoire Akcelrod

Presidential Director Patrick Kua with Gregoire Akcelro

Gregoire Akcelrod.

Gregoire Akcelrod's Testimonial

The first time I was introduced to FusionExcel products was back in 2008 when I was invited to Brunei to play an exhibition game. At the end of the game, the local officials presented me with a Quantum Pendant that was going to change my life.

Since wearing FE's Quantum Pendant I have noticed a significant decrease in joint discomfort and inflammation and also reduced recovery time between the dynamic training sessions that is required for my sport.

I would recommend this product to anyone who cares about his health and if you are looking for that extra edge over another world class athlete or interested in pursuing an active lifestyle, this is the product for you!

Friday, May 27, 2011

FusionExcel Welcomes VIP Quantum Pendant Wearer Ms Biro Ica, Famous Hungarian Model, Singer And Fitness Guru

Biro Ica is a very famous and well-known Hungarian Model, Singer, Fitness Guru and editor of many fitness videos and books on healthy living and diet. She became a famous photo model and media star in the 80s - 90s. Thousands of photos, calendars, and newspaper articles were published on her. She appears every week on TV wearing FE's Quantum Pendant!

"Since wearing FE's Quantum Pendant my physical body has incredible power! I am always in a hurry and FE's Quantum Pendant gives me more energy. When I train, I am more relaxed. If I take off the Quantum Pendant, I can feel the lack of energy. And FE's Quantum Pendant decorated with Swarovski stones is a beautiful jewelry as well!"

Videos of Biro Ica

Thursday, May 26, 2011

FusionExcel Sponsored US Boxer, Jonathan Arellano Wins Fight


Jonathan Arellano's victory propelled him into the top 10 in the United States according to, which we hold FusionExcel partially responsible ! With the use of FE's Quantum Pendant and Quantum Flask during his training camp it empowered Jonathan to recover and restore energy quickly. Most importantly during the fight he maintained the same amount of energy from beginning to end never losing a beat. It has been said by reporters that "THIS IS JONATHAN'S BEST FIGHT YET!". We thank FE for all the love, support & energy ;)

Following you will find many magazines and top boxing websites write-ups about the fight containing action shots from the fight. You will notice FE's logo come out best with its bright colors and the enlarged company name making it easy to read in all photos taken by the media press and most importantly when it was aired on television. We look forward to a continued and prosperous relationship with FusionExcel!

With Love,

Selina & Jonathan Arellano

"US Bantamweight FusionExcel fighter Jonathan Arellano out-boxed Francis Ruiz over six rounds and secured a business-like victory by unanimous decision. In the first, the jab of Arellano (7-0-1) may have been the best punch of the round. Both combatants picked up the pace in the second but largely remained out of reach. An Arellano right hand at the ten second warning brought the crowd to their feet. The fight ended as it began, with both fighters feeling their way around the ring. The judges rewarded Arellano with scores of 59-55, 60-54 & 60-54."(From Pound For Pound Boxing)

"In a fight between two super quick bantamweights Jonathan Arellano (7-0-1) showed he could fight outside and inside too and out-pointed Dominican Francis Ruiz (9-3, 4 KOs) after six rounds 60-54 twice and 59-55. Ruiz couldn't stop Arellano's inside combinations and that was the difference in the outcome. It was Arellano's best fight yet!"(From David A. Avila, The Sweet Science Dot Com.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prof Dr Thornton Streeter D.Sc, Human Energy Field Scientist

Prof Dr. Thornton Streeter is the Special Advisor to the ICM, the UK's leading authority on Complementary Medicine and a faculty member of Zoroastrian College's Holistic Health Department. Representative with Special Consultative Status as UN NGO with ECOSOC. He has been invited to promote their NGO Status with the UN and his training programs are recognized in 190 countries. He has spent over fifteen years specialising in the Human Biofield research. Across the globe he initiates Energy Centres, designed to integrate modern medicine with traditional understanding from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines.

Prof Dr Thornton Streeter completed his Doctorate in Complementary Medicine from the University of Pune, India. He is the Founder and CEO of the Centre For Biofield Sciences. He established headquarter in the UK and continued to promote his work in India and remains Head of Operations there. He gives lectures and is exclusively qualified to train and certify people in PIP Energy Field Imaging.

He has delivered key note lectures widely, for example at the International Energy Therapies Conference, Oxford University, & Brighton. In addition he is a visiting lecturer at Westminster University's Complementary Medicine Course and has delivered training and lecture programs at the College of Psychic Studies. He headed a paper delivered and published at the 11th Annual Symposium on complementary Health Care, University of Exeter, UK. His international record includes the International Conference of Holistic Therapies in Bangalore and at the 1st and 2nd International Asian Energy Psychology Conference in Singapore. He spoke at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology conference Maryland USA after a successful trip to Phoenix and to the California Institute of Human Sciences. Dr Streeter has recently visited South Korea where a branch of CBS has been established. He is a Member of: ACEP, BRCT, CMA, ICM, Friend of the Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Medicine, Fellow of World Association of Integrated Medicine and visiting lecturer at Westminster University, UK.

Prof Dr Thornton Streeter's Report on FusionExcel's Quantum Science Products.

PIP (Poly-Contrast Interference Photography) biofield imaging is a light analysis technology that is non invasive. It requires that a participant be exposed to a full spectrum controlled lighting environment and the absorption and reflection intensities are colour coded and then analyzed. PIP has become the International Standard for observing the human biofield and is most useful when analyzing the body itself for congestions that appear on the surface above the specific organ or part of the body being investigated. Typically it is understood that the body will absorb more light (i.e. reflect less) where it has issues, in comparison to the rest of the participant's body. We often refer to congestion and leakages when analyzing these images.

I am happy to report that the initial tests that we have conducted at the Centre for Biofield Sciences to evaluate the effect on the human biofield of FusionExcel's Quantum Shield, Quantum Pendant and the Quantum Flask have shown

"Significant improvement can be seen in majority of the participants. It can be termed as more than 91%.

In all these cases there has been reduction in temperatures in those respective areas, in the scans where for example Quantum Shield has been used on the phones. This is suggestive of reduction in that inflammatory process.'

From this pre-pilot study internal report conducted at the Centre for Biofield Sciences in Pune, India, it can be concluded that FusionExcel's Quantum Science products have a significant effect on the physical and biofield health of the participants. It can be said that these products strengthen the body's biofield and appear to reduce the congestion in the biofield and inflammation in the body. Quantum Shield seems to prevent electromagnetic waves from affecting one's health. They are helpful in reducing inflammation as is seen from results of Medical Thermal Imaging. The sample size here was small. Still significant amount of positive results have been seen."

Prof Dr Thornton W J A Streeter D.Sc.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Master Tan, Founder Of Wellness Medical Qigong

"As professional Medical Qigong Healers, we need constant high level of Qi (energy) at all times to help our patients. I found that FusionExcel's Quantum Pendant make Qi activation easier, thus it helps to restore Qi in the body. I would recommend it for everyone to improve their Qi " - Master Tan's Testimonial.

Master Tan Soo Kong's Credentials:

* Founder, Wellness Medical Qigong.

* Chief Trainer and Chief Therapist for Wellness Medical Qigong Center.

* Consultant in Medical Qigong for:

- My Life Centre (Medical Centre), Malaysia

- Himalayan Hospital, India

- Cancer Research Institute, India

- Himalayan Medical University

Master Tan Soo Kong, Founder of Wellness Medical Qigong has trained hundreds of Professional Medical Qigong Therapists in more than 10 countries. Master Tan have been involved in Qigong for almost 30 years and specializes in Medical Qigong. He was trained by several eminent and renowned Chinese Medical Qigong masters.

Medical Qigong is a way of influencing and directing Qi for medical benefits rather than using medicine, needles, herbs or massage, although these can be supplementary.

Master Tan is frequently invited to wellness exhibitions, seminars and congress. He was recently invited to speak at the World Ayurveda Congress on Medical Qigong for Cancer Treatment. He also writes for newspapers and magazines. His work has been featured on radio and TV.

Himalayan Hospital, India and Cancer Research Institute of India have invited Master Tan to be their consultant to train their medical doctors in the Art of Wellness Medical Qigong and to design and implement the training in their medical university.

Master Tan is on an altruistic and spiritual mission to promote and propagate Medical Qigong as a worldwide healing modality by sharing his knowledge, expertise and research findings with anyone who is deeply interested, committed and dedicated to contribute towards his mission.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Read Testimonial Quantum Pendant Wearer Darren Maddy, First Class Cricketer


Darren Maddy is an English cricketer who plays first class cricket for Warwickshire. Darren played 3 Tests for England and 8 One Day Internationals. He was the first player to reach 1000 runs in T20 cricket and is currently one of the highest run scorers in the T20 format of the game. He captained Warwickshire during 2007/08 seasons.

"Having sustained 2 career threatening injuries in the past 12 months, the FusionExcel Quantum Science Pendant has without doubt helped me to fully recover from them a lot quicker than was anticipated. I also feel a lot healthier as I believe my immune system seems to be stronger and I now seem to be avoiding all those 'winter bugs' that are currently going around the UK at the moment. I wear the FusionExcel Quantum Science Pendant 24/7 and have no intention of taking it off!" – Darren Maddy

Kevin Shook, Winner LDA Pro Long Drive Golf Tour Event

He won the LDA Pro Long Drive Golf Tour Event " The Mile High Shootout" in Denver Colorado wearing FE's Quantum Pendant ! From Lance Reader ( World Record Holder- Long Drive Golf )

World Class Indian Cricketer Surinder Amanath.


Surinder Amarnath Bhardwaj (b. December 30, 1948 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh) was an Indian, Test and One Day International cricketer. Amarnath was an aggressive left-handed batsman who performed extremely well at Indian domestic level and in the Indian national team. He scored a century on his Test debut against New Zealand in January 1976. Making his first-class cricket debut as a fifteen year old in a career that spanned from 1963 to 1985, Amarnath scored 8175 runs at the impressive batting average of 40.47. His father Lala and brother Mohinder also represented India at Test level. At present he is acoach.

" The Quantum Pendant gives me exceptionally great energy and extended energy when I do my cricket practice and coaching for almost 6-7 hours in the open ground. FE Quantum Science products give me more stamina and it is good for detoxification. I will recommend FusionExcel's Scalar Energy products to my friends. My whole family is also using the products. Thank you FusionExcel for the opportunity to be healthy! " Surinder Amarnath.